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NEW Fish Tank Products by TRUVU Aquariums: We're pleased to announce our new product lines. Our new lines include:

Premium Frag Racks, Frag Tanks, Betta Tanks, Nano Tanks, Overflow Boxes and New Colorful Filter Sumps.

Today's aquarist is very educated and savvy in the keeping of freshwater fish, saltwater fish and corals. They are aware of the many product and brand choices that are available…and we are too. That's why we strive to create acrylic aquariums and acrylic aquarium systems that aquarist's desire.

Why we chose acrylic over glass when deciding the material we would use for our aquariums. We took a long hard look at the "acrylic vs glass" debate. After careful consideration, we concluded that acrylic was the better material for our aquariums. It has so many advantages over glass. Here's a list of just some of them:

  • Light weight
  • Optically more clear
  • Better insulating capacity
  • Ability to bend corners
  • Easily drilled for bulkheads etc…
  • Most importantly acrylic is 17 times more impact resistant than glass

There are only two things glass aquarium enthusiasts bring up. One is acrylic scratches and two it yellows. Acrylic yellows? We found this to be fictitious. Acrylic does not yellow. Well over 60 years ago acrylic manufactures began introducing UV inhibitors into the fabrication of cell cast acrylic. This prevents acrylic from yellowing.

The other item they bring up is that acrylic scratches more easily than glass. Well that is true acrylic does scratch more easily than glass but glass does get scratched! The advantage to acrylic here is you can easily polish out a scratch on an acrylic aquarium but not easily on a glass aquarium. So "as far as scratching goes, we say advantage acrylic!"

Fabrication We utilize our traditional fabrication methods along with CAD design software, CNC routers and laser cutting capabilities in the fabrication our aquariums, aquarium systems and filtration products. Each seam is fused together with an acrylic bonding agent. The finished seam is stronger than the raw acrylic panel.

Fabrication lead times: All our aquariums are built to order. Our lead times vary depending on order volume at the time. Typical lead times are 3 to 4 weeks. Please check our lead times prior to ordering. We strive to be within our lead time but due to variables such as material availability, weather etc. estimated lead times can't be guaranteed.

Selecting your aquarium We offer many sizes of aquariums, aquarium systems and filtration products. All our dimensions are listed in the industry standard - Length x Width x Height. The length is left to right across the front of the aquarium, width is front to back of the aquarium and height is from top to bottom on the aquarium. We utilize industry standard thickness on our standard line of aquariums. These thicknesses are time tested and proven to last. In the event you prefer your aquarium to be built with thicker material please contact us and we'll quote the cost for a thickness upgrade.

We've preconfigured our standard line of aquariums for you. They are listed under the type of aquarium you're setting up. We offer Freshwater aquariums, Saltwater / Reef aquariums, Aquasystem AIO Aquariums, Hobbyist aquariums (for use in breeding and frag grow out). Commercial aquariums (for use in tropical fish stores and fish wholesalers). If you don't find a standard aquarium that fits your needs simply call or go to our custom aquarium section and request a quote for the aquarium size you desire.

All our acrylic aquariums include warp resistant polycarbonate covers for the access openings. We provide these covers at no additional charge.

Let's take a look at some of our standard aquariums: Freshwater Aquariums: Our line of freshwater acrylic aquariums is designed to accommodate most types of standard freshwater filtration and lighting products. Each freshwater acrylic aquarium has ample access openings, a filter slot and heater hole. The filter slot is for use with hang on the back filters, as well as canister filters. You may request alterations to your freshwater aquarium. Let's say you're running a canister filer and prefer two holes for your canister lines instead of the filter slot, just let us know and we can accommodate you. Call us and we will quote the cost for the alteration.

Saltwater / Reef Aquariums: This style of aquarium features a built-in overflow box. Our overflow boxes are designed to skim the surface water in the aquarium. All our overflows have been engineered to flow the proper volume of water for the size of aquarium they are placed in. Our standard overflows include a 1" bulkhead hole (bulkhead sold separately) for the drain. The 1" bulkhead is an industry standard size that will match up with most aftermarket sumps. In the event you prefer a larger drain line, larger bulkhead holes are available. We also offer our IRS return kit (Integrated Return System). This kit will allow you to return your water from the pump back through the inside of the overflow and into the aquarium. The IRS kit includes all the bulkheads, hose barbs and LocLine fittings needed. The IRS kit utilizes ¾" fittings for proper water flow and line pressure to create current and water movement in the aquarium. When you select the optional IRS kit we will drill the return bulkhead holes at no additional charge. There are several overflow locations available. You may select to have your overflow located in the left rear corner, right rear corner, both rear corners or in the center back. You may also select to have your overflow centered on the left end panel, right end panel, both end panels or dead center in the aquarium. If you prefer a bolt on external bean animal style overflow box we can accommodate you. Simply select TRUVU Bolt on overflow in the overflow style section. As with all our aquariums, the Saltwater / Reef aquariums include ample access openings and warp resistant polycarbonate covers. If you don't find a standard Saltwater / Reef aquarium that fits your needs simply go to our custom aquarium section and request a quote for the aquarium size you desire.

Aquasystem AIO Aquariums: The original design for the TRUVU Aquasystem AIO was conceived in 1989! This was over 25 years before the AIO aquariums became so popular. Our Aquasystem AIO aquarium incorporates a built in wet/dry filter. The filter is permanently attached inside the aquarium against the back well. Our design discourages salt creep, evaporation and contamination from air borne pollutants. The Aquasystem AIO filter has been calibrated, flow tested and evaluated to achieve saturation levels of dissolved oxygen and nitrification making it the ultimate AIO system. The Aquasystem AIO aquarium comes complete with the filter components and pump. Aquasystem AIO Filter The Aquasystem AIO filter features 3 chambers. Chamber 1 is used to house heaters, drop in protein skimmers, activated carbon, Chemi-pure, etc… (all sold separately). Chamber 2 houses the included mechanical and biological filter media. Chamber 2 also features a balanced drip tray and pre-filter pad. This chamber is where the beneficial bacteria form on the DLS rolls and plastic Bio media. Leaving chamber 2 the sparkling clear, well oxygenated water flows into Chamber 3, the pump chamber. The included pump in chamber 3 then returns the water to the aquarium flowing through adjustable LocLine nozzle. This nozzle allows the water flow to be pointed in many directions in the aquarium.

Hobbyist / Commercial Aquariums: Here you will find coral flat / frag tanks that are preconfigured for Frag grow out, Frag and Coral display. Our cubicles are for use in displaying, isolating Tropical fish and Inverts. These frag tanks and cubicles are available in many sizes. We also offer custom commercial aquarium configurations for store use. If you are setting up a tropical fish store, wholesale facility,

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