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Standard Acrylic Aquariums - TRUVU Aquariums

TRUVU acrylic fish tank aquariums are constructed with the highest grade cell cast acrylic. Our standard aquariums are the best choice for your freshwater aquarium or saltwater aquarium. (When setting up a reef aquarium please select from our many reef ready aquariums with built in overflow.) Select the best shape for yourself from our selection of: Rectangular Aquariums, Hexagon Aquariums, Corner Aquariums, Bow Front Aquariums and Cube Aquariums.

All standard TRUVU aquariums include hood opening(s), filter slot for hang on the back filters or canister filter lines. Also standard is a heater hole for placing your aquarium heater in the aquarium. Our hood opening(s) include clear acrylic covers keeping evaporation to a minimum. For your aquarium light select from our many choices of aquarium lighting. Just choose the proper aquarium light that applies to your type of aquarium set up.

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