DelRey Wet/Dry Model 125

DelRey Wet/Dry Model 125

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Del Rey Wet/Dry Model 125

Capacity: Up to 125 gal.
Dimensions: 24x8x14

As the name implies, The Del Rey is the King of economy wet/dry filters.

The original model Del Rey was introduced in 1993 and was an instant hit because of the many features included in an economically priced filter.

The Del Rey includes a hang on pre-filter box, with 6� DLS pre-filter, a black internal skimmer box, siphon tube, 2 schedule 40 slip x thread bulkhead fittings, bio media, return tubing, return diffuser and a 3� flex connector hose!

This neat and compact under the stand filter, like its predecessor, the TRUFLO has been an outstanding success at a bargain price.

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