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Aquariums - Freshwater and Saltwater

Welcome to TRUVU aquariums. We offer Freshwater aquariums, Saltwater / Reef Aquariums, Hobbyist Aquariums and Commercial Aquariums.

Quality Aquariums
TRUVU Aquariums has been providing high quality aquariums since 1972, and have the distinction of being the oldest acrylic aquarium manufacture in the United States. We strive to make sure every one of our products meet your expectation and beyond.

Freshwater Aquariums: Each freshwater aquarium has cut outs in the top to accommodate most all freshwater filters. Most Hang on and canister filter will fit with these standard top configurations.

Saltwater / Reef Aquariums: This style of aquarium features a built-in overflow box. There are several location selections as well as bulkhead hole size choices available. A trapezoid overflow is also available. These aquariums are for use with Wet/Dry filters, Refugiums and reef sumps.

Hobbyist / Commercial Aquariums: Here you will find store / fish room display cubicles and frag display aquariums. We also offer custom configurations for store use. Please contact us for any alterations you may need for your store / fish room.

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Freshwater Aquariums
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