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Aquariums Reef Ready Skimmer cups and external hang on pre-filters are a thing of the past! Reef tank maintenance just became easier, and more enjoyable with the TRUVU line of REEF READY aquariums.

Reef Ready aquariums up to 60" in length are factory fitted with a single permanent built in overflow. Aquariums from 60" to 96" have dual overflows, pre-drilled, to accommodate a standard 1" bulkhead fitting.

Overflow chambers are designed to hold a DLS roll around a perforated 1" PVC pipe that snugly fits into the bulkhead fitting at the base of the overflow. The DLS acts as a mechanical pre-filter; ensuring that the water that enters the wet/dry, refugium or sump is crystal clear and free of particulate matter.

For an additional charge the overflow can be fitted with a raceway for electrical wires. In this way electrical wires can be safely conducted through a dry section of the over flow so no electrical wires are visible on the outside of the aquarium, enhancing the aquariums overall visual appeal.

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