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Custom aquarium fabrication represents a large percentage of the aquariums we sell.

One of the single greatest advantages of acrylic over glass is the ability to construct aquariums and filters of varying shapes and sizes with colored backs or ends. If you require a 55 gal size aquarium, normally 48 inches long, but only have room for a 47 inch aquarium, TRUVU Aquariums can fulfill your needs. If you dream of creating your own style of filter... we can make it a reality.

TRUVU Aquariums routinely builds single or double overflows with or without internal returns that can be located on the ends, back or center of an aquarium. You select the style of overflow and location and we'll do the rest.

The hugely popular Aquasystem, introduced in 1988 can also be modified to fit most custom aquariums.

If you're looking for a custom aquarium or filter, call or E mail us with your request

Include the Length x Width x Height ( 96" max length, 48" max width and 48" max height)
Please include your phone number so we may contact you with any questions we may have regarding your request.


E mail to:

Contact us Mon - Thur 8:00am - 4:00 pm PST at:
PH: (510) 487-1133
FX: (510) 487-6491

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