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BiOrb Baby Black 15L 4 Gallon With Moonlight

BiOrb Baby Black 15L 4 Gallon With Moonlight
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The 15L (4 Gallon) Baby BiOrb Black with Moonlight is the perfect size for any space in the home. This version comes with the Moonlight. When evening comes and the room goes dark the Baby BiOrb Moonlight will automatically switch off the daylight bulb leaving just the soothing blue glow of the moonlight. The Baby BiOrb is also a low maintenance tank, making it ideal for children or busy professionals who don't have hours to spend cleaning an aquarium. The unique filtration system collects dirt and waste in the patented easily replaceable filtration cartridge, making cleaning the Baby biOrb no hassle.

You'll be amazed at how simple and quick the Baby biOrb is to set up. The Baby biOrb comes with everything you need to start keeping a variety of small fish, just add water and fish . Nothing is more frustrating than getting home to find you need something else, which is why we include everything you need in the box, even the fish food! The Baby biOrb is ideal for children who want to keep their first pet, and unlike many aquariums the baby biOrb uses low voltage lights and pumps ensuring complete safety at all times. Even the aquarium itself is constructed using super strong acrylic which won't shatter like glass.

The Baby BiOrb can handle up to six 1.5" fish. When introducing small fish, add gradually at a rate of 2 every 28 days.


  • 15L (4 Gallon) Acrylic Bowl: 13" X 13" X 13"
  • Filtration/Aeration System: The filtration includes a Low Voltage 12V Air Pump, BiOrb Filter Cartridge, Ceramic Media for biological filtration and both Stress Coat (water conditioner) and Stress Zyme+ (biological filtration booster). The Air Pump pushes water through the Filter Cartridge and water is returned to the tank through the Bubble TubeAn Airstone at the base of the Bubble Tube creates air bubbles that stream out of the Bubble Tube.
  • Baby Moonlight Lighting: The BiOrb comes with a 5W Halogen bulb that provides light during the day. When room is dark the BiOrb will automatically switch to a blue LED moonlight (this automatic function can be switched off).
Food: A small packet Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets is included.

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