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Aquasystem Aquariums

Aquasystem Aquariums

The Aquasystem™ is an aquarium that contains a state of the art internal wet/dry filtration system. Being highly effective in the removal of toxins and contaminates makes the Aquasystem™ the natural choice for freshwater, saltwater and reef setups. The Aquasystem™ features a hidden chamber for your heater and protein skimmer (heater and skimmer sold seperately). Wet/dry chamber, drip tray, mechanical pre-filter and pump with return line are Included. No hoses or tubes hang off the back. Everything is internal! Simply add water, heater, lights and plug the system in!

Aquasystem Manual

No Hoses, No Tubes, No Clutter...Acrylic Aquarium w/ Built In Wet Dry Filter

Protein Skimmers
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