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Aquarium Co2 Products


An aquarium CO2 system is necessary for calcium reactors and for dispensing CO2 into freshwater-planted tanks. Healthy and luxuriant freshwater aquarium plants require the presence of adequate carbon dioxide. The movement of pumped water causes the elimination of carbon dioxide through the water surface. Plants without carbon dioxide turn yellow and lose strength. CO2 systems are the best way to effectively add the required amount of CO2 to a freshwater planted tank.

To have a complete aquarium CO2 system you must have the following: Reactor
Bubble Counter
CO2 Bottle (we sell the bottle, but you'll need to get it filled locally)

To have a completely automated aquarium CO2 system you need to ALSO have the following:

Solenoid Valve
pH Controller

If you are using these CO2 products with a Calcium Reactor, you'll need the Regulator, Bubble Counter, Hose and CO2 bottle, but will not need the CO2 reactor. The Calcium Reactor will take the place of the CO2 reactor. For an automated system include the Solenoid Valve and pH controller.

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